FONDesigns - David Morgan

What is FON Designs?

The FON in the name stands for "Force Of Nature". When I first got seriously in to web designs, many years ago, it was in support of my own business; a Paintball Pro Shop in Fayetteville NC. I was attending Campbell University, for Computer science when I started the business and it grew quickly. Eventually, the website grew from a local business page, to an online paintball community where at our peak, we attracted nearly 10,000 visitors a day. While I no longer am part of that paintball community, I maintain a little part of it in my Web business with the FON in the name.

And now?

Now, I am a freelance designer and developer because I have always had a passion for this type of work and finding solutions that fit my customer. I enjoy a great full time position with a great company that pays all of the bills. That allows me the latitude to be more picky with who I work with in web and to pick the clients I think I can help but also who understand that websites are not just an online brochure but a real extension of their business.

That is a key concept for me, because I can continue to work with clients that fit what I have to offer and I can avoid taking jobs that don't fit as well, just to pay the bills.

Enter Adobe Business Catalyst

After years of working with a variety of platforms, fighting the need to integrate multiple systems or plug-ins to get the functionality I was after, and then worrying about upgrading years later when the speed of the web got ahead of what I had built, I finally found BC.

Business Catalyst was built to solve the exact problems that not just myself, but thousand of similar professionals faced every day. While it isn't a perfect solution for every need, it fits more than 90% of the clients I had worked with throughout the past decade. It brings together 5 core systems into an integrated solution and also provides powerful web apps technology for me to build custom solutions for my clients needs. It is constantly improving with the power of Adobe behind it and just recently has been integrated into the Creative Cloud solution. So I know when I build something in BC, it will scale well and grow with the speed of the web.

So that is a little about me, and how I got to where I am in my work. Now drop me a line and let me know about you and your business and how we can work together to take it to the next level!



They say it all better than I could ...